"hi i’m sailor mars welcome to jackass"

pretty sure there are porns that start the same way that dance did what were they thinking?


Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched

tommy chong is nothing i expected but everything wanted


The thing that annoys me about Derek’s partners.

They always seem to get injured, so if they do bad, they can just blame it on the pain. But if they do well (which they always do, btw), they’re looked on as inspirational for “fighting through the pain.”

It’s literally the same story from Jennifer, Maria, Amber, Amy, etc.


a 70- something just danced more than a teenager with a boo boo ankle

    week 1 of friendship:this is a cool person
    week 30 of friendship:this is a gay egg


Mako & Haru, commission for reine-einfuehlung. (I’m sooo looking forward to Free! season 2, omg. °-°)

Anonymous: Tbh other kin feels really offensive to me, it feels like they are making fun if trans and non binary people. Fiction kin is even worse. 



I feel like it’s an offensive super combo to NA culture, Paganism {and it’s branches}, Trans/NB people, some mental illnesses….the world in general….-sips tea-

This doesn’t apply to the like 3% of people on here who seriously just see it as spiritual. 



Being the child of an immigrant is a strange experience, because you can grow up completely immersed in their culture- eating their food, speaking their language, wearing their clothes- but you’ll never fully feel like a part of it because of where you were born and how you absorbed that culture. So you’re one  culture, but not really, because you’re also the other culture, but you’re a different version of that than everyone else who grew up in it.

Adam Scott’s Scholarly Analysis Of “Ice Ice Baby” (x)


This number was EVERYTHING 


things that are cool:

  • welcoming transwomen into feminist spaces, and making sure they’re safe there and heard
  • welcoming non-binary people into feminist spaces, and making sure they’re safe there and heard
  • welcoming anyone with the ability to give birth into discussions about reproductive rights, and making sure they’re safe and heard
  • making the space around you safe for everyone who needs a safe space

stuff that’s not cool:

  • being an exclusionary buttnugget because you don’t like someone’s anatomy