And I can’t believe I had 100 more things to say about myself.

I’m terrible at mental math, so it would make my life easier when I’m at the register not having to shift through my wallet to find the right coins.

I know, they want to make the price look as low as possible so you’ll buy it, but if I’m already buying it (because I have to, like if it’s a necessity) then wouldn’t it just make more sense?



Maybe it’s just me, and I’m always really good about it, to the point where I’ll feel naked if I don’t wear them to bed. 

But I hear all the time about people not wearing their retainers because “they forget” or “they don’t feel like it.” 

Why? You know, if you don’t wear them, your teeth are going to shift and you’re going to have to get braces again and once that’s over, wear retainers again.

It’s a waste of money and a waste of time, really. All you have to do is pop them in before bed and take them out as soon as you get up.

Like, right now, I don’t have my top retainer because one of the wires snapped and it takes about two weeks to fix it, so I just have my bottom retainer to wear. It feels really weird, and I can even tell my top teeth are shifting. I don’t like it.

My parents aren’t paying for me to get shitfaced and complain about not having a boyfriend. 

I mean, yes, I hope to have friends to hang out with and do stuff/go places with, but whenever college comes to mind, I don’t get excited about partying and whatnot; I get excited about learning and going to classes.

I’m sure this will all change once I’m there. 

We had this big thing in 4th grade where we learned about Native American life and then all three classes had this big festival kind of thing that showcased different aspects of Native American culture. One of the things we had to do was write a journal as if we were Native American children. A lot of people read mine and told me how good it was, and I got an A on it.

But my passion for writing really didn’t take hold until 7ht grade, when fanfiction came into my life.

If the anime has a dub, I’m more likely watch it then if it were only subbed. 

I’m seriously considering Das FreeFree

Or just Das Friedman. I think that’s a little less ridiculous, but if Daniel Handler can get away with a ridiculous pen name, then I should be able to too!


You are going to be a good friend of mine! I CAN TELL! LOL